Ensuring Safe, Clean and Reliable Water Supply

Water Supply

Water quality and purity, as well as reliability are key factors when it comes to Water Supply. AVK Products are world renowned for they superior quality and long lifetime, giving the user peace of mind and creating a lowest overall total cost of ownership when it comes to purchasing decisions. A key to this market position, is our market leading expertise within rubber compounds managed by our in-house group companies, AVK Gummi A/S in Denmark and AVK Sealing in Kunshan, China. At the facilities in these group companies, we manufacture our own rubber compounds and manages all stages of the vulcanization process, to insure our trademark high quality. This detailed process control has also provided AVK with a long range of worldwide approvals. As part of our Water Supply segment, we at AVK offer an extensive range of Valves, Hydrants, fittings, and other accessories.