United Kingdom’s project solution provider Glenfield Invicta provides Reservoir valves to Welsh Water

Welsh Water has introduced a top UK water project solution supplier, Glenfield Invicta Limited to their 2020-25 investment programme.

Providing Welsh Water with a five-year supply of tailored large diameter valves for their reservoir assets will sustain our long-term relationship with the company. 

Welsh Water delivery partners and engineering teams will be working collaboratively with Glenfield Invicta thanks to our 160-years of unparalleled experience in designing, specifying and fabrication of reservoir valves. Additional elements in attaining this contract include our access to the complete AVK group and the capacity to supply advice and support in engineering. 

Welsh Water and Glenfield Invicta have previously collaborated on various other reservoir projects. While dams and reservoirs provide a demanding environment for valve performance, Glenfield Invicta are committed to the expansion and development of our tailored reservoir-specification valves which continue to operate at an optimal level within such challenging conditions. Welsh Water have acknowledged our outstanding reputation through signing us on as their main supplier. 

100+ years of service

Welsh Water have identified that all valves must sustain a life expectancy design of 100 years. At Glenfield Invicta we have surpassed these expectations by providing evidence of fully functional Glenfield valves which are 100 years old and still in situ.