AVK and Wicotec Kirkebjerg supply Aarhus Oil Harbour with life saving fire suppression system

In 2013, Wicotec Kirkebjerg and AVK completed the piping for the fire suppression system at Aarhus Oil Harbour. AVK is proud to have delivered the valves in this critical project.

Treating fires is a serious business. At Aarhus Oil Harbour approx. 500,000 tons of petrol, gasoil and other petrochemicals which pose the undesirable risk of combustion as well as a chemical threat to surrounding ecosystems. It is imperative that any fire system is capable of extinguishing a blaze as quickly as physically possible. 

The fire protection system

As regulations tightened Aarhus Harbour’s existing fire suppression system quickly became outdated and no longer fit for duty. The decision to replace the system was made in 2012 when the new legislations were passed. It came to a point where the steel pipes in the old system were so corroded, it would undergo repairs every year just to pass inspections. Thus it seemed appropriate to build a new plant as well as expand on it by fitting butterfly valves with Sortz couplings as opposed to previous hydrants setups.

The pump system consists of DN400, DN450 and DN500 gate valves, which consistently pumps water from the ocean at 5 bar. At the time of triggering the suppression system, water will take approximately one minute to activate, increasing the pressure to a staggering 14 bar. 

The pump station is capable of releasing 3000m3 of water per hour if necessary. Using hydrants as main access points was initially considered but soon dismissed as the pressure generated by the pump was insufficient. Instead AVK suggested the use of 14 installations  with 2 pcs. DN150 butterfly valves and 4 pcs. DN80 landing valves each, all fitted with storz couplings. The fire suppression system at Aarhus Oil Harbour continues to function normally and gives workers ease of mind.