AVK successfully wins tender for fire protection equipment to large international project

British Petroleum teams up with Turkish, Italian and Azerbaijani governments in efforts to transport natural gas via 1850km of pipeline from Azerbaijan to supply Turkey and Europe.

The pipeline is designed to initially deliver 16 billion cubic metres of petroleum gas every year, with room for improvement, eventually doubling output to 31 billion cubic metres to accommodate for future growth. 

Starting is Ardahan, the pipeline will run from the Georgian-Turkish border through Turkish provinces before finally ending in the Ipsala District of Edirne on the Turkish-Greek border. Natural gas will be supplied to European nations via the Trans-Adriatic pipeline while turkey’s distribution network will begin from offtake stations in Eskişehir and Thrace.

The massive project has been divided into 10 sections of which one has been won by a valued client of AVK, Tefken Construction and Installation co., Inc. iIn this portion of the project, Tefken was responsible for engineering compression and metering stations in Turkey. Tefken took a preference to AVK’s fire protection systems comprised of UL and FM approved dry barrel hydrants, gate valves and post indicators. AVK is proud to announce we have supplied more than 100 sets of these products to support the project and are confident will speak for themselves and outlive the test of time. 

AVK has successfully supplied the following to Tefken: 

  • NRS gate valves with post indicator flange series 45/59
  • Post indicators, series 34/00
  • High pressure dry barrel fire hydrant series 27/00

Pipeline in huge international project via Turkey

Our fire protection range is manufactured in Europe and has an important customer base in Turkish construction companies which serve both in Turkey and abroad. Availability of UL and FM approved NRS and OS&Y gate valves up to DN400 as well as both dry and wet barrel fire hydrants with competitive lead times are the main criterias for our success in this segment.