AVK Flow Control and Orbinox win tender for water drainage project in Qatar

In light of recent development in the south of Greater Doha, expansions have prompted the necessity of a drainage system capable of accommodating the additional surface water runoff that would have otherwise been infiltrated by the land, once again bringing strength to Doha’s infrastructure. The project forms part of larger plans for the Doha and Rayyan area under the direction of Ashghal, Qatar’s public works authority.

Ashghal currently leads all of Qatar’s civil projects and public buildings, with more than 100 billion Qatari Riyals worth of projects under development. 

The Project

The Abu Hamour (Mesaimeer) Southern Outfall Scheme required the construction of a storm water tunnel that ran from the F-Ring Road from Musaimeer street approximately 25m deep. The tunnel is linked to a coastal pumping station in the New Doha International Airport and is responsible for delivering main trunk surface water drainage for most of southern Doha. 

The project involved constructing a 9.5km long and 4.5m wide water collection tunnel and 21 access shafts varying  between 15 to 30m in depth with the purpose of carrying sulphate, groundwater and chloride. 

Having been awarded the  Abu Hamour New Tunnel Shaft Discharge Works, Operation and Maintenance project in 2018, Metito Qatar maintains close cooperation with AVK. We continue to deliver our promise to “Expect AVK” as we surpass the expectations of our clients and demonstrate excellence. 

After winning the tender, AVK Flow Control and Orbinox presented Ashghal with two impressive innovations which would improve efficiency of pump station maintenance. 

When drafting the tender Ashghal presented specifications for products required to carry out the project. Ashghal requested hydraulically operated knife gates to control the flow of water in the drainage tunnels. AVK Flow control and Orbinox made recommendations for the use of hydraulically operated penstocks, stating the crucial element in handling natural sources of water is swift action and easy operation. AVK was able to prove the use of knife gates and penstocks opened and closed quickly and effectively. 

By 2019 the valves were delivered and installed with the final result a very satisfied customer. Orbinox’ hydraulically operated penstock valves were to first of its kind in Qatar and stood up to its reputation brilliantly. 

Orbinox and Flow Control were successfully able to deliver: 

  • Shaft no.11 with two Nos of 1800 x 2500 mm Hydraulically operated Penstock valves.
  • Shaft no.22 with 3 nos of 1800 x 1800 mm Hydraulically operated Penstock valves. 
  • 2 nos of HPUs and 1 Control panel for each shaft.

The Abu Hamour Drainage tunnel moves 16.5m3 of water every second. Enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool in under two and a half minutes.