AVK chosen by Aquafin to supply the renovation of pumping station in Brugge, Belgium

AVK Successfully engineers solution for Sint-Kruis wastewater pumping station in Brugge.

Standard products at Aquafin

Maarten Schueremans, project and asset management leader for electromechanics at Aquafin claims AVK valves well-trusted and constitute the standard operating products for Aquafin. Maarten states, “I have worked with Aquafin for the best part of 13 years and have made myself very familiar with AVK valves, specifically their gate valves, ball check valves and dismantling joints.”

Quality and ease of maintenance 

Maarten continues, explaining the decision was based on merit. Aquafin has worked previously with AVK featuring the installation of a DN900 gate valve after winning the tender for another wastewater pumping station in Lillestraat. “Aquafin chooses quality products which deliver optimal passage, prioritises safety and ease of maintenance as well as competitive pricing. AVK has successfully met these standards and we are proud to continue working with them in Sint-Kruis.”

Pumping station for 90,000 citizens

The pumping station in Brugge is responsible for processing wastewater from the municipalities of Brugge and Sisjele. The pumping station collects water from nearly 90,000 citizens from both the municipalities combined where it enters two collection points. Brugge’s wastewater pumping station is powered by seven large pumps which control the flow of water with a max flow rate of 1550L/s, making it one of Aquafin’s largest. 

The RWZI is fed wastewater from the downward collector system via two pressurised lines of DN800 (for Brugge) and DN700 (for Sijsele). RWZI Brugge processes approximately 339,500 m³ of wastewater every day. 

Standard backup

Maarten explains how Aquafin’s pumping station came to incorporate 7 pumps. “When it comes to wastewater it is crucial the flow of water is undisturbed, that’s why the station has additional back up pumps. Brugge operates on a 3+1 setup, while Sijsele operates on a 2+1 setup. As an extra contingency, the extra bushings on the suction and discharge sides are retained.”  This way, Aquafin can retain can connect an emergency pump. It is mounted on the existing carry-through including the gate valve or knife gate valve. With these emergency plans in procedure the pumping station will always be able to operate. 

About the project

Company: Aquafin
Project: Renovation of the Polderstraat pumping station, Sint-Kruis
Location: Brugge, Belgium
Pressure class: PN6, PN10, PN16
Diameter: DN50-800

AVK solutions for the project

  • Gate valves (19 pcs) - DN200-800
  • Ball check valves (10 pcs) - DN50-400
  • Dismantling joints (11 pcs) - DN200-800
  • Knife gate valve (1 pcs) -  DN350
  • Video

    Knife gate valves

    Animation about the features of our knife gate valves series 702