The right step for renewability with AVK and Gemidan

AVK and Gemidan are taking the next step in sustainable waste management by turning organic waste into biopulp for degassing, ensuring the optimization of energy utilised from waste materials. AVK is proud to have supplied the knife gates.

Waste is an important resource 

At Gemidan, waste in not just waste. In fact, its important. Gemidan’s specialists have created a process for treating and recycling food waste. The Ecogi pre-treatment for waste products such as standard household waste and other pre-packaged foods from large businesses is processed into a biopulp that is used for generating biogas. 

There are currently several Ecogi plants in operation, with the Ecogi Egedal plant treating 120,000 tonnes of natural waste every year. 

Turning food waste into energy

The Ecogi plants are capable of treating virtually any kind of organic waste. When the waste arrives at the treatment plant it is sent to a pulper to be turned into a pulp where it is mixed with water and stirred so all packaging is opened with friction so nothing is dissolved along with the organic waste. 

The pulp is then separated with additional process water. Once the pulper is emptied the valve separating the pulper and the separator closes allowing the pulper to fill with new waste product. 

The biopulp is pumped from the separator to a separate storage tank where it is later transported to a biogas facility to be converted to usable energy. Rejected material is washed twice before being incinerated or sent for recycling. The water used for this process is recycled and utilised with each cycle. 

Controlling flow at Gemidan Ecogi plants with gate valves

AVK Vatech 2000 has successfully supplied Gemidan Ecogi plants with butterfly valves and gate valves operated by electric actuators, pneumatic actuator and handwheels. 

At Gemidan Egedal, knife gate valves with pneumatic actuators are installed:

  • On process water and clean water flows – Process water is used in the pulper, while clean and process water are used for the separator
  • From pulper to separator
  • From separator to biopulp tank 
  • And between the two ecogi lines at the plant.

AVK Vatech’s expertise means Gemidan can be assured the correct valves are installed for the correct application. Knife gates with electric actuators re installed for draining off biopulp while knife gates with handwheels are on the main line which feeds the biopulp tank. Vatech has also installed butterfly valves where immediate shut downs are critical.