Desalination plant in Andalusia, Spain chooses AVK

In southern Spain lies the small coastal town of Almeria in Andalucia. Its subtropical desert climate makes it one of Europe’s driest regions. The hard work and dedication of Almeria farmers have turned the dry soil and temperamental climate into an oasis.

Intensive horticulture

Almeria’s income thrives from a local export economy fixed on agriculture. Most of production is specialised in vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons etc, of which 60% is exported across Europe and beyond. These operations occupy approximately 26,500 hectares of land with an average productivity of 9kg/ square metre generating 2.5 tonnes of produce and 1.8m Euros. 

Efficient irrigation

The region’s harsh climate means accessing abundant quantities of water for irrigating an agricultural economy come with a multitude of challenges. Almeria’s farmers have proven that anything is possible when efficient enough. The exploitation of aquifers and natural fresh water sources have begun to dry the land and thus the town have begun sourcing water from the ocean in which AVK are proud to supply the valves for the new desalination plant. 

The project is led by ACUAMED, a public company which cooperates closely with the ministry of environment. The new project will generate a net production value of 30 cubic hector metres per year. 

AVK deliveries

The joint venture comprised of the following companies; SANDO, VEOLIA AGUA, VEOLIA WATER SYSTEM, INYPSA, and CRESCENCIO PEREZ.

AVK Valvulas S.A  has supplied the following valves from the InterApp-Valcom S.A factory to this project:

  • DESPONIA butterfly with disc in superduplex 1.4573, DN65-DN1400 actuated with different drivers
  • AVK centric full lug butterfly valve in PN25 with disc in duplex DN300-DN900
  • DYNAXE, PN40, DN100-DN350

Improving the area

Two additional projects, “Mejora de Regadío Poniente Almeriense” and “Balsas de Dalias” were conceived to aid the irrigation facilities of Dalias. 

SOGEOSA and GRUPO TEJERA construction groups were responsible for the construction of the desalination projects. AVK Valvulas S.A was responsible for supplying the gate valves and butterfly valves through Wouter Witzel Eurovalve and InterApp.

More than 700 AVK butterfly valves in Dalias

The tender for the desalination plant totalled 700 butterfly valves complete with actuators as well as other AVK products supplied by AVK Valvulas S.A Spain.