Multi-purpose water management system to revamp Debrecen, Hungary

In the 1970s, a planned Multi-Purpose Water Management System (HTVR) serving the Debrecen regions, Hungary’s second largest city, was halted. Due to growing societal demands, a new development program CIVAQUA emerged – its first stage now taking off.

The main regional development goals addressed by the CIVAQUA program are:

  • Establishing irrigation facilities in the valued agricultural lands surrounding Debrecen
  • Improving Debrecen’s environmental health by establishing a wetland zone in line with the Tócó stream
  • Reducing dust pollution
  • Improving groundwater quality via enrichment and microclimate levels, and preventing environmental degradation in Debrecen’s Great Forest by improving water management
  • Eliminating water scarcity issues by replenishing the Erdőspuszta lakes

A long-term goal of transporting water from the Tisza River – to the planned 170-hectare Ágod Valley reservoir through the ridge pipeline – without the use of pressure will also be realised through the project. In return, the new reservoir will help to eliminate problems with insufficient inland drainage and water accumulation in the region. To follow, the 57-hectare Nagy-tó/Debrecen reservoir will also be filled using this method.

While the project’s objective is establishing a sustainable water management system for the region, the most significant goal is to develop the agricultural areas in Debrecen’s west. These vital areas total an estimated 2300 hectares – a large space making it imperative to provide irrigation facilities – whereby the Eastern Main Canal can supply irrigation water.

In the first stage, a branch pipeline 6.2 km in length and 1 metre in diameter will be constructed. Its connection from the ridge pipeline to the planned Ágod Valley reservoir will directly facilitate water supply, including to the proposed recreational lake area at Debrecen’s border. Water extraction facilities are expected to be built at every 500 metres along the pipeline.

In support, AVK proudly provides the gate valves, knife gate valves and accessories essential to reach the project goals successfully. Through one of our Hungarian distributors, Paor-Víz Kft., we deliver the means to continue revamping Hungary’s second largest city once again.