Retired Valve Comes Full Circle

Fast forward 50 years since its founding, AVK are honoured to be reunited with one of our very own valves from the 70’s. The Padborg water company thought it would be quite the experience to see first-hand how our products have withstood the tests of time.

By John Koch,
Technical Supporter,
AVK Holding

The piece was exhibited at the 50th anniversary of CEO Niels Aage Kjær’s contribution to the water industry. 

The valve’s journey to Padborg water began with the original workshop in Maskinfabrik, now the home to AVK’s international headquarters. The valve was sold to Nordisk Wavin A/S, later to be distributed to the water company in southern Denmark. 

After half a century in service the customer was in disbelief to witness the valve in such good condition. The valve was returned to AVK international in 2018. The valve was tidied for closer inspection to find the stem continued to rotate and retain a tight seal under load – to the amazement of the staff essentially fully functional. 

The body, bonnet and wedge are cast from iron, although the rubber was unfortunately quite worn due to so many years in service, however expected. The body primed with red and finally coated with blue epoxy for durability. 

The design from the 70’s had:

AVK’s first valves featured a bronze stem for resistance to corrosion a bonnet, body and wedge core cast from grey iron. These are generally all cast with steel now. The very first wedge was originally cast in epoxy and partially exposed. The stem thread cut directly into the casting and the thrust collar was mounted with a lock ring. 

The valve is a testament to the fine craftsmanship and vision that created a reputation as strong and persistent as the product, ensuring durability and reliability for ease of mind, something that has recently been left behind by modern manufacturers. As manufacturers increasingly put their faith in rapid consumerism, AVK continues to believe in true excellence.