‘Glocally’ sourced needle valve for dam base drainage renewal project

In Germany’s state of Nordrhein-Westfalen lies several dams maintained by the water management association Aggerverband. In a base drainage renewal project for one of the dams, AVK supplied a needle valve which was sourced globally at a local scale. The DN1200/PN16 needle valve used as a bottom outlet for the dam aims to regulate water levels, keeping it consistent during heavy rainfall.

Beginning in Germany, the first point of contact for the project was established at the IFAT exhibition in Munich. The project’s executing plant engineer stopped while passing to review our showcased solutions, and from there realised the possibilities in partnering with AVK. A meeting then took place which initiated plans for a cooperation. Here we discussed the technicalities behind the needle valve, upstream butterfly valve and additional fittings required for the base drainage.

Following this meeting, both the executing plant engineer and end customer were brought to our Italian company AC.MO. While inspecting our production facilities they were shown the quality of the equipment and a current installation of the needle valve with the requested design. Supporting computational data of the flow rates to be delivered, based on predetermined operating parameters, was also presented.

A technical approval process of the needle valve with an AUMA actuator tested its strength, layer thickness and leakage rate, along with a dimensional test. The process was a success, and the project was ready to be underway, with the butterfly valve DN1200/PN16 and AUMA actuator having been manufactured and delivered by our Dutch counterparts within AVK Group – Wouter Witzel.

A year after the initial visit to AC.MO, the delivered valves and fittings went into operation whilst oversaw by the water management association, executing plant engineer, a representative of the Cologne district government and AVK Armaturen GmbH workers in Germany. After installation, close observations were made to ensure accurate functions and achievement of required flow rates. Following approval, the project was indeed a big success given the huge feat in crossing many borders to arrive at the outcome.

Through this project we had the opportunity to demonstrate the performance and strength of AVK as being ‘glocal’. In this, we are extremely pleased that the project was successfully completed. In our future endeavours you can expect global leadership and local commitment!

AVK needle valve specifications

  • Nominal diameter: DN1200
  • Nominal pressure: PN16
  • Inside pressure: max. 4.1 bar
  • Outside pressure: free outlet
  • Flow rate: max. 14 m³/s
  • Coating: min. 500 µm epoxy
  • Weight: 3,700 kg
  • Actuator: AUMA electric actuator SAR 10.2 with AM 01.1 control, closing/opening time approx. 9 minutes

What is a needle valve?

Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, are regulating valves that enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flow and pressure.

Needle valves can be used in many different applications with a need for flow or pressure regulation. In water treatment and distribution, dams, reservoirs, power plants and industry.


Needle valves

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